July 4, 1999

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Pictures here are snapshots of recent family events.  Send yours for inclusion!
The pictures of the 4th of July, 1999 were taken by Alice Gander at the occasion of her visit for her 25th High School Reunion.
4july1.jpg (135029 bytes) July 3, 1999 4th of July Parade in Monroe City, MO.  Consetta Buckman Gottman following daughter Michaela.  Consetta is the daughter of Del Buckman and the granddaughter of Guy Buckman.
4july2.jpg (55232 bytes) July 3, 1999 Guyla Buckman Behring towing daughter Marti Christine.   Guyla is the youngest child of Guy Buckman and Chris Buckman.
4july3.jpg (116781 bytes) July 3, 1999 Phillip Potterfield, spouse of Bridget Buckman Potterfield.   Riding the Rennolds Potterfield Trucking float
4july4.jpg (176789 bytes) July 3, 1999 The Rennolds Potterfield float with Phillip Potterfield and daughter Madalyn Potterfield (head turned).
AliceCliffJo7499.jpg (141990 bytes) July 3, 1999 Josephine, Alice and Cliff Gander.  Alice is getting ready for her 25th High School Reunion.
co74_small.jpg (2364 bytes) July 3, 1999 The 25th High School Anniversary photo of the girls of Monroe City High.   Left to right (by maiden name):  Front row:  Linda Kay Webb, Karen Buckwalter, Becky Trussell; Back row:  Diane Walker, Hedy Beth Rothfuss, Pam Greening, Lisa Shively, Joan Yates, Kathy Yates, Sue Yager, Sheryl McMurdo, Nancy Hays, Linda Large, Julie Spalding, Alice Gander
4july5.jpg (187623 bytes) July 4, 1999 Jenine Buckman Zeiger, Ashley Nichole McElroy and Bridget Buckman Potterfield.
4july6.jpg (105581 bytes) July 4, 1999 Teresa Gander Hettinger with daughter Risa Jo and Anne Gander.
4july23.jpg (218786 bytes) July 4, 1999 Teresa and Risa Jo Hettinger, Anne Gander, Anne and Roy Schurwan
4july7.jpg (152256 bytes) July 4, 1999 Grandchildren of Don Gander:  from front, clockwise:  Leah Hettinger, Reann Hettinger, Drake Bradshaw, Chelsea Gander, Janelle Bradshaw.
4july8.jpg (93725 bytes) July 4, 1999 Risa Jo Hettinger with her grandparents Don and Liz Gander.
4july9.jpg (70514 bytes) July 4, 1999 Martin Gander's son Trey gets excited about Del Buckman's buzz job of the house in his plane.
4july10.jpg (136701 bytes) July 4, 1999 Del Buckman hits a bull's eye with the red streamer around the TV antenna on top of the house.
4july24.jpg (190845 bytes) July 4, 1999 Del Buckman delivers a roll of toilet paper to the Gander family.  What are cousins for anyway?
4july11.jpg (141871 bytes) July 4, 1999 Air mail grocery delivery of toilet paper.  Who says Monroe City is a small town?  Where else can you get a roll of toilet paper air mailed right to your front door?  Just call on special delivery man Del Buckman for all your grocery needs.
4july12.jpg (199971 bytes) July 4, 1999 Toilet paper streaming down.
4july13.jpg (121573 bytes) July 4, 1999 The remains of the toilet paper streaming down from Del Buckman's buzz job.  Luckily for the old folks, Don's grandkids think that paper falling from the sky is a great prize to be chased down and brought in.
PaulAlice7499jpg.jpg (128188 bytes) July 4, 1999 Paul and Alice Gander.  This was after a hot day and a very fine evening fireworks display conducted by Paul and his son Martin.
The next photos are at Judy and Floyd Mahon's pool on July 5.
4july14.jpg (83353 bytes) July 5, 1999 Heather Mahon and fiance Chris Simerda.  Heather and Chris will be married August 28, 1999.
4july15.jpg (116130 bytes) July 5, 1999 Left to right:  Molly Lamb, Denise Lamb Loethen, Heather Mahon, Chris Simerda, Judy Mahon, Nicole Robinson, Andrea Robinson
4july16.jpg (95491 bytes) July 5, 1999 Kathy Mahon Robinson and Kathleen Jarboe Montgomery
4july17.jpg (129484 bytes) July 5, 1999 Left to right:  Judy Mahon, Rick Pfleging behind, Floyd Mahon, Heather Mahon, Kathy Robinson, Andrea Robinson, Michelle Lamb behind.
4july18.jpg (268895 bytes) July 5, 1999 Kathy Robinson and Andrea Kathleen Robinson
4july20.jpg (168660 bytes) July 5, 1999 Floyd Mahon and granddaughter Andrea Robinson
4july21.jpg (108569 bytes) July 5, 1999 Gerry and Mary Lou Montgomery
4july22.jpg (72607 bytes) July 5, 1999 Oldest children of Molly Montgomery Lamb and Judy Montgomery Mahon:  Michelle Lamb Pfleging and Keith Mahon

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