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Much of the data in this website comes from Jackie Gander Deets  who has compiled a wonderful collection of old photographs and news clippings.

Another strong source is my sister-in-law Elizabeth Ketsenburg Gander who has worked very hard to consolidate family data.

Not to be forgotten are the many helpers among the cousins  who are tremendously helpful in tracking down those elusive second and third cousins we haven't heard from for a while.  You are becoming too numerous to mention but all of your efforts are greatly appreciated.  As long as we have at least one member of each family who really cares, we won't lose track of each other.

I have also confirmed and enriched the content here with the memories of my parents Clifford and Josephine Jarboe Gander.  They both have an excellent sense of history and a strong control of the facts.

Additionally, I am well equipped with the memories/stories/legends that were so entrenched in the family get togethers.  For, at the end of it all, these families liked to get together.  


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