2002 Baby Shower and Baptism

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 2002 Baby Shower for Renee Gander Shinn and Stacy Gander Harris
2002_05_25_Shower_01.jpg (53051 bytes) May 25, 2002 Cathy Jo Gander Pfaff
2002_05_25_Shower_02.jpg (42740 bytes) May 25, 2002 Liz Gander holding grandson Lance Hettinger, Maria Gander Bradshaw, Mona Gander
2002_05_25_Shower_03.jpg (46592 bytes) May 25, 2002 Cathy Jo Gander Pfaff, Lance Hettinger and Liz Gander
2002_05_25_Shower_04.jpg (55222 bytes) May 25, 2002 Reann Hettinger, Mendy Gander, Teresa Hettinger, Risa Jo Hettinger talking to her great-grandma Josephine Gander
2002_05_25_Shower_05.jpg (49471 bytes) May 25, 2002 Cathy Jo Gander Pfaff, Lance Hettinger, Liz Gander, Maria Gander Bradshaw, Mona Gander
2002_05_25_Shower_06.jpg (48963 bytes) May 25, 2002 Anne Gander and Josephine Gander
2002_05_25_Shower_07.jpg (41345 bytes) May 25, 2002 Amelia Gander and Yvonne Gander Miller
2002_05_25_Shower_08.jpg (54094 bytes) May 25, 2002 Kathleen Yates, Renee Gander Shinn holding baby Paige Elizabeth Shinn
2002_05_25_Shower_09.jpg (49171 bytes) May 25, 2002 Risa Hettinger playing with baby Paige.  Paige is being held by her aunt Kelly (Yates).
2002_05_25_Shower_10.jpg (47193 bytes) May 25, 2002 Sitting:  Mendy Gander, Yvonne Gander Miller, Mona Jo Gander, Amelia Gander

Standing:  Renee Gander Shinn, Stacy Harris Gander

2002_05_25_Shower_11.jpg (58147 bytes) May 25, 2002 Jan Harris, Stacy Harris Gander, Anne Gander
2002_05_25_Shower_12.jpg (42687 bytes) May 25, 2002 Alice Gander holding great-niece Paige Elizabeth Shinn
Baptism of Paige Elizabeth Shinn
2002_05_25_Baptism_01.jpg (46241 bytes) May 26, 2002 Stacy and Aaron Gander
2002_05_25_Baptism_02.jpg (46162 bytes) May 26, 2002 Holy Rosary Catholic Church
2002_05_25_Baptism_03.jpg (43183 bytes) May 26, 2002 Renee and Travis Shinn with their first child, Paige Elizabeth Shinn.  Tom and Yvonne Gander Miller are the Godparents.

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