Gander's Best Sorghum

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Process of Making Gander's Best Sorghum
Gander's Best.jpg (132777 bytes) Late 1920's Label for Gander's Best Sorghum.  

Harvey S. Gander produced "Gander's Best" sorghum for many years and sold his sorghum throughout the area as well as shipping to other states.

L_Foxall_sorghum.jpg (208274 bytes) 1950's Lavern Foxall crushing the sugar cane
Sorghum_Lavern_boys.jpg (144108 bytes) 1950's Lavern Foxall with sons Larry and Danny crushing the sugar cane
sorghum2.jpg (204177 bytes) 1950's Alfred Branch, youngest sibling of Iona Hope Branch Gander, helps Harvey S. Gander make sorghum.
Sorghum_Alfred.jpg (104219 bytes) 1950's Alfred checks on the progress of the fire
Sorghum_Alfred_photo.jpg (75320 bytes) 1950's Alfred takes a rest
Sorghum_Grandma.jpg (102632 bytes) 1950's Iona Branch Gander watches the batch in progress
Sorghum_Grandpa_skimming.jpg (103488 bytes) 1950's Harvey S. Gander skimming the syrup
Sorghum_Grandpa_skimming1.jpg (59943 bytes) 1950's Skimming
SORGHUM.JPG (146090 bytes) 1950's Skimming
Sorghum_Grandpa_skimming2.jpg (70021 bytes) 1950's Skimming
Sorghum_Grandpa_resting.jpg (73927 bytes) 1950's A much needed rest
Sorghum_Hazel_skimming.jpg (64186 bytes) 1950's Hazel Gander, always beautiful, helps out with the skimming.
Sorghum_Hazel_1.jpg (111383 bytes) 1950's Hazel helping.  Take a look at her "work shoes".
Sorghum_Hazel_Harvey.jpg (87457 bytes) 1950's Hazel Gander and Harvey Gander.

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