2002 Photo Album
2002 Spring Photos 2002 May Photos 2002 Baby Shower and Baptism 2002 Summer Photos 2002 Cole Robert Gander birth 65th Wedding Anniversary 2002 Thanksgiving 2002 Tucson 2002 Gander Christmas
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Here are some of the family events from 2002
Spring 2002:  
May 2002:  Photos of Leah Hettinger graduation
May 25 - 26, 2002 Baby Shower and Baptism
Summer 2002 Photos
Cole Robert Gander birth
Cliff and Josephine Gander's 65th Wedding Anniversary
Thanksgiving Photos of Don and Liz Gander family
December 7-8 visit to Tucson, AZ
Cliff and Josephine Gander family Christmas photos

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