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This is a collection of hunting and fishing pictures.  Send yours for inclusion!
60th_turkey.jpg (126860 bytes) October 22, 1999 Cliff Gander, 83 years old, with his 60th Wild Turkey
crgtky99jpg.jpg (147399 bytes) May 8, 1999 Cliff Gander with his 59th wild turkey, a 21 pounder.
Don_arrows_1998.jpg (189201 bytes) 1998 Some arrowheads found by Don Gander in 1998
Kirstopher 1997.jpg (410151 bytes) November 1997 Kristopher Gander's first deer, a 9 point buck.  Kristopher is the son of Joe Gander, the grandson of Don Gander and the great grandson of Cliff Gander.   He was 15 years old at the time of this photo.
CGDEER97.JPG (123348 bytes) November 1997 Cliff Gander with his deer
Joe_Gander_deer.jpg (179086 bytes) Fall, 1992 Joseph Paul Gander with his big buck.
Dad_Tooth.jpg (71414 bytes) February 19,1992 Cliff Gander with a baby mammoth tooth he found that day on the South Fork of North River in Marion County, MO.  The tooth is 6 in long, 2 3/4 in wide 5 in deep and weighs 2 3/4 lbs.
tooth.jpg (75007 bytes) About 1985 Cliff Gander with a Mammoth Tooth he found
Mammoth_tooth.jpg (69247 bytes) 1987 Mammoth tooth found by Cliff Gander on display at the Boudreaux Visitor Center at Mark Twain Lake in Northeast Missouri.
CLIFFTKY.jpg (123742 bytes) 1975 Cliff Gander with a wild turkey.
Hunters_eating_1959.jpg (120993 bytes) 1959 Harvey Gander, Lewis Ryan, Cliff Gander.  Photo taken by Paul Gander.  Paul was the cook who found the floor useful for discarded egg shells.  Hunting near Willow Springs, MO.
Hunters_Grandpa_tent_1959.jpg (116090 bytes) 1959 Harvey Gander in front of tent.
Hunters_Paul_deer_1959.jpg (156065 bytes) 1959 Paul Gander with deer.  Paul killed the spike buck and the 78 year old Harvey S. Gander killed the large buck.
seining_5X7_closeup.jpg (114438 bytes) 1954 Seining at the river:  Harvey S. Gander, Don Gander, Paul Gander, Tom Ream, Cliff Gander, Orville Hagan.  Probably at the farm of Cliff Gander.  print_idea.gif (970 bytes)  5x7
HUNTERS.JPG (170816 bytes) 1954 Russell Sandifer, Cliff Gander, Harvey S. Gander.  They went hunting in Southern Missouri and Cliff came home empty handed while his first cousin and father had successful hunts.  Oh, the agony of defeat!  This was at a time when deer had been hunted out of Northeast Missouri and the only way to get deer was to head toward the Ozarks.
1954_Hunters.jpg (94474 bytes) 1954 Cliff Gander holding the bag after an unsuccessful hunt in South Missouri with his first cousin Russell Sandifer and his dad Harvey Gander.
COONSKIN.JPG (284774 bytes) 1941/42 Harvey S. Gander and Cliff Gander with coon skins on barn at Harvey S. Gander's farm.

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